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IPC 1U Rackmount Chassis

1U: Advanced Rackmount Chassis Cluster Component, Domain Controller, General-Purpose Server, High End Workstation.


1U: Entry Level Rackmount chassis data/file server solution for small-to-mid size companies.


1U: AMD Opteron series Special designed for Dual AMD Opteron Processors Server Boards. Ideal platform for 1U Storage Server or Filer.


2U Rackmount Chassis: cost saving enclosure. RAID and NAS ready applications will prosper from its low profile attribute

3U Rackmount Chassis: for RAID or NAS ready systems. Excellent for video /audio streaming, data warehousing, corporate file server

4U Rackmount Chassis: Excellent solution for media streaming, and massive data warehousing. Also ideal for RAID and NAS ready applications.

5U Rackmount Chassis: for network, telephony, telecommunications or data acquisitions.
  7U Rackmount Chassis: for network, telephony, elecommunications or data acquisitions   Riser cards : CPU Cooler, Riser Card, Sliding Rail, Monitor Enclosure, Bracket, RAID System, HDD Modules, Backplane, Drive Tray and

Solution of 19" rack products, rack producs and Drawers, component shelf, etc... >>More


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